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Changing lights – Red to Green

I was rejected and in despair. The Labour Party’s leadership election had left me cold. The bulk of MPs backing Owen Smith, or perhaps it was hatred of the other candidate, just didn’t seem to correlate with the level of support for Jeremy Corbyn amongst the local Constituency Labour Parties.

At first I thought the £25 fee wildly undemocratic and all the High Court/Court of Appeal juggling beyond embarrassing. It did cross my mind that this was a fundraising scam to increase party funds. That would have been manipulative and sneaky but at least it would mean that this wasn’t the PLP acting in a mean-minded way to exclude poor people from engaging in the democratic process.

Then, the rejection email arrived, no explanation, despite registering on 20th July, I “do not currently hold any status with the Labour Party”. I briefly hoped this marked a return to good socialist principles on the relevance of social status. But no, apparently not, it actually meant I was ‘persona non grata’ in the leadership election process.

So, there I was attempting to support a party which, except for the last election, I had voted for since the early eighties. A party whose existing Westminster elite, although unelectable as a government themselves, seem to believe that policy rooted in social democratic values is unelectable. In September last year Paul Krugman observed, in the New York Times, that The Corbyn upset isn’t about a sudden left turn on the part of Labour supporters. It’s mainly about the strange, sad moral and intellectual collapse of Labour moderates”

Sorry Labour I did try, really I did but I’m going with the Greens. They believe in shared leadership something you clearly don’t. Peter Tatchell recently tweeted that the Greens are “a democratic, united, radical, visionary party”. Labour, that was supposed to be your job. Of course, the true reason for my shift from Red to Green is really incredibly shallow – any party which can put a Blues Drummer of the Year nominee into a leadership position gets my vote.

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  1. Brilliant me darling. I can completely understand your frustration. It is sad, sad, sad, and bad, bad, bad. NEC has a lot to answer for. Hopefully after Conference they will be gone. Mr McNicol told us all, that the NEC “makes the decision not the PM!” Code for: “I make all the decisions not you Mr Corbyn and your Trotskyist infiltrators!” Total madness. I’m still waiting for my ballot sheet!!! Phoned and it rang 3 times and cut off. Filled out form and nothing. Phoned again today and very nice Geordie said he would send me another.

    It’s either absolute chaos or a ruse to stop 10k people – all those Trots! – from voting!!! I’ve been called everything: Stalinist, Communist, Fascist, Leninist, Jihadist, Nazi, and worst one: An effing Hard Left Trot. I took great exception to the effing! Then had to put up with one of JK Rowling’s rants: I don’t approve of Facism from the Far right or the Far left!!! Doh? I replied: I’m gobsmacked that you have no idea what a Fascist is. No reply. Let’s not forget the vicious John McTernan. Gee whizz he’s something else. “You are right mate, I am both judge and jury.” From the man who organised the death knell of Labour in Scotland. I mean he’s a man you want to follow aye?

    Culling continues unabated. They reckon you are among about 13k members who have been told to get packing. Not before of course they took your money under false pretences. Saying pay £25 and you can vote for next leader. Of course Blair’s judge appointee was one of Appeal judges. Say no more; Nod’s as good as wink to a blind man!!!

    It’s a mess and no mistake. Whilst Jeremy Corbyn attracts ever more people to a Socialist Labour Party, the “moderates” – What a joke that is – attempts to claim Labour Party name for itself should a split arrive. They haven’t thought it through as CLPs can deselect them all. Most were “dropped out of the sky” into a safe seat by Blair, so cannot see many of them surviving what NEC has done at their behest.

    Still no matter, democracy is king! LOL. What democracy I hear you cry. Well if nothing else informs the public of the Westminster Wasteland, this palaver should. I won’t hold my breath tho.

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